We are a small business, local to the city of Norwich, Norfolk. Our journey started in the month of May 2020. After many experiments and research here we are! Kitchen At Home is the proud creation of Emily-Jane Webb. Emily-Jane has always been a keen artist in the kitchen and from a young age has built a range of culinary experience working in a range of businesses across Norfolk. In her life she has always strived to be as eco-conscious and as zero waste as possible. She was brought up by a family that lived frugally and made use of what they had. She lives by the same rules today.

Therefore, Kitchen At Home is an eco-conscious collective. We pride ourselves on being community orientated and have a range of local producers sharing our space to make it easier for our customers to buy locally in a more convenient way.

We strive to deliver a product that is completely traceable, sustainable, and ethically sourced. We also try to be as zero-waste as possible and all of the packaging we use and expect our producers to use is either biodegradable or at the very least recyclable and reusable.

For the Kitchen At Home branded products we work with all our farmers very closely to get the highest quality ingredients and in a way that is fair to them and delicious for us. We are committed to supporting not only our local farming community but the community of our suppliers abroad and that is why we support organizations like CrowdFarming and Norfolk Farm share

Our suppliers:

  • Honey from Patrick Leslett at Norfolk Honey

  • Organic fruit from Crowdfarming

  • Dry goods from Horizon Wholefoods (also known as Rainbows)

  • Biodegradable packaging from Packlinq

  • Shipping enviro boxes from Kite

  • Glass jars made in the UK from recycled glass by Freeman Harding

  • We also use produce from local allotments. Do you have an allotment and would like to sell your excess produce? Get in touch!