Clothes and how we wear them has been a fascination of mine since I can remember. Whilst studying for a degree in International Development, I used clothes-making as an antidote to reading, and alongside this, I discovered the world of plant dyeing, and stinking dye pots on the hob became part of the kitchen furniture. Hemp On Toast was born a few years after graduating, as a positive statement, a way of using the skills I had to help open up more options in the world of sustainable fashion.

Fashion means many things to people. Unfortunately, in the world of international development, it more often than not signifies agricultural pesticides, massive water use, micro-plastics, and sweatshops.

Hemp On Toast is my response to this. There are countless environmental and social problems in the fashion industry, but also countless examples of creative ways of responding and doing things differently. This is mine.

Each Hemp On Toast garment is designed on the principles of simplicity and versatility. Part of the world of fashion's current approach is to appeal to our need for constantly renewing and redefining ourselves. To feel that we are lacking and so need to add.

Hemp on Toast aims to do the opposite. To go back to the basics, to strip away, and to appeal to our ability for simplicity. The clothes are intended for day-to-day wear, to fulfill the staples of our clothing needs. And finally, to address the daily need for showing respect and care for the world. Photography by Joseph Hayes (@theillusionofdepth) and Callum Painter (@callumpainter).