Norwich Mustard, as a community-owned enterprise, aims to play its part in making Norwich a better place to live and work. We are planning to employ those furthest from the job market, helping them develop skills and experience that will help them secure jobs and rebuild their lives.

We set up a Cooperative Community Benefit Company to keep mustard production in Norwich when Unilever moved their site to elsewhere in the UK. It may sound complicated, but basically, it ensures it's owned by the people who are members and stays in Norwich. Until now, there have been just a few of us trying to get Norwich Mustard set up and running. We have been selling mustard around the county, and even further afield, but we now need more members to develop the cooperative and help take the business forward. When the membership is built up, in the spring we will be holding an AGM that all members will be invited to attend and we will be electing a Board to take the business forward and to develop the strategy already in place.