Pooch’s Treats was established in 2009. We are passionate about our work
and the quality of treats made here at Pooch’s. Every treat we bake is
individually hand made with locally sourced ingredients.

We developed a range of healthy, natural treats concentrating on a high meat.

Low in Fat – High in taste

No preservatives, flavourings or colourings

High Fresh, Local Meat Content

Fully regulated through DEFRA & Trading Standards

Environmentally Friendly

Fantastic Training Aids

concentrating on a high meat

We are proud of our county and the abundance of its fresh quality produce and we like to reflect this in our treats.

We get our meat direct from our Norfolk Butcher and East Anglia suppliers.
Venison comes directly from The Royal Sandringham Estate and Holkham Hall, North Norfolk as well as other Suppliers.

Our packaging is simple, no frills and friendly to the environment. We package
our biscuits in bags made from renewable resources and they are biodegradable.

The boxes that we deliver to our stockists are ‘used-once’ boxes and even
then we try not to leave them behind or ask they be put aside for collection next time we visit!