‘Alley cats’
Alley Cats - original A4 hand printed linocut design
‘Alley Cats’ is an original print Haychley at stellabox. It has been hand printed on Japanese HoSho paper with deckled edges.
This print was inspired by a board game that I loved as a child, The Alley Cats! The game features little cats and rubbish bins and fish bones! I have a cat myself and watching her eat tuna one night, I felt I needed to create a print of a big fat black cat (with a fish belly) enjoying his dinner on a dark, starry night, sitting on a dustbin with the remains of his dinner around him!
This print is A4 sized with deckled (ripped) edges, approximately 29.5cm by 21cm.
The print comes unframed and will be sealed in biodegradable protective packaging and a solid backing board.
Alley Cats is a lino print carved with Pfeil carving tools onto traditional hessian backed lino. It is an open edition print hand signed by me, Haychley.
As each print is hand-pulled using traditional techniques, each one will be slightly different and contain a little bit of unique magic.

Alley Cat