Ashley’s Shirt

Ashley is a capoeira teacher and one of my best friends. His favourite white Indian cotton shirt would be brought out every time there was an occasion and it was always flattering in its understated smartness. I think it comes from the low collar and the fact that it’s slightly wider and less fitted than most shirts. It naturally followed for me to make a version in hemp, adjusting some aspects – like making it fully button down, and adding a front pocket. Ash models his own hemp one looking cool as ever.


Single button soft cuffs. Soft low collar. One breast patch pocket.

Hemp plain cloth
55% organic hemp/45% organic cotton

Corozo (plant ivory)

The natural colours we work with are durable and remain strong for a good length of time if washed with care (machine wash 30 degrees Celcius). However part of their joy and uniqueness is also the way they will change and respond to their environment over time, including the type of water they are washed in. For best results always follow care instructions on the label or refer to the care section under FAQs.

Overall length (collar to bottom hem) and sleeve length can be adjusted to suit your needs.
Please enquire with your order. Ashley wears the shirt in Medium and is usually a medium in men's shirt sizes.



Chest circumference: 110cm
Length (collar to bottom hem): 63cm
Shoulder to shoulder width: 46.5cm
Sleeve length: 61cm


Chest circumference: 120cm
Length (collar to bottom hem): 65cm
Shoulder to shoulder width: 50cm
Sleeve length: 62cm


Chest circumference: 130cm
Length (collar to bottom hem): 67cm
Shoulder to shoulder width: 53.5cm
Sleeve length: 63cm


Extra Large
Chest circumference: 140cm
Length (collar to bottom hem): 68cm
Shoulder to shoulder width:57cm
Sleeve length: 64cm


Ashley's Shirt