Blouson Jacket

This is actually from an old 1980’s pattern I stumbled across at a fayre. It was in a falling apart paper envelope, and the sizes are all pretty different to what sizes are now. I’ve standardized them into small, medium, large, and it’s become a unisex jacket with Charles my friend fitting perfectly into the large. It’s even more adaptable than that, with an option of having it without the elasticated waist, the feature that makes it the classic ‘Blouson’ style, and turning it into a jacket with cleaner lines.


Side pockets. Light interfaced colour.


A soft peachy orange achieved through gently simmering onion skins.


Slate grey achieved by overdyeing pomegranate skins with rust.

Hemp plain cloth
55% organic hemp/45% organic cotton

Corozo (plant ivory)

Elasticated or non-elasticated waist (the elasticated version is shown here). Please enter your choice in the notes at check out.

The natural colours we work with are durable and remain strong for a good length of time if washed with care (machine wash 30 degrees Celcius). However part of their joy and uniqueness is also the way they will change and respond to their environment over time, including the type of water they are washed in. For best results always follow care instructions on the label or refer to the care section under FAQs.

Overall length can be adjusted to suit your needs. Please enquire with your order.
Ilona is a size 8 for tops and wears onions skin dyed (peach coloured) jacket in small,
elasticated. Barbara is a size 10 for tops and wears the pomegranate and rust dyed jacket (slate coloured) in large, also elasticated.




Extra Small
Under arm circumference: 98cm
Overall length (nape to bottom hem): 50cm


Under arm circumference: 104cm
Overall length (nape to bottom hem): 52cm


Under arm circumference: 110cm
Overall length (nape to bottom hem): 54cm


Under arm circumference: 116cm
Overall length (nape to bottom hem): 56cm


Extra Large
Under arm circumference: 122cm
Overall length (nape to bottom hem): 58cm


Blouson Jacket