Contents are: 6x20g pucks


Christmas Stocking Surprise - Zesty citrus heaven! Fun and festive Clementine, sharp Lime and Mandarin.


Cosy Winter Nights - Exotic and heady. Black cherry with a spicy and light fragrant back note.


Grannies Christmas Kitchen - Truly mouth-watering. That perfect baking aroma with luscious caramel and sea salt.


Sugar & Spice - Warm and inviting. The beautiful aroma of warm Vanilla with sugary notes.


Warm Christmas Dreams - Homely Christmas mood setter. Chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven with lashings of Vanilla and Nutty warm notes.


Winter Wonderland- Fragrant and awakening. Fresh sharp fruit backed with a warm hit of ginger to give a fiery twist. 

Christmas Wax Melt Selection Box