Goat’s Milk and Rosemary Soap

We make small batches of goats milk soap by hand using raw goats milk from our goats Hazel and Willow who live in our meadow. We use their creamy goat milk and just add olive oil plus the finest essential oils and our own organically grown herbs to make a lovely gentle goats milk soap perfect for your skincare regime especially if you suffer from eczema or other skin conditions.

The Soapy Goat Company was born in 2014 and lives on an eco-friendly small holding in Suffolk close to the seaside in a beautiful countryside location. Hazel oversees the whole process and allows us to mix her milk with olive oil, organically grown rosemary and rosemary essential oil.

As Hazel and Willow have hooves they have asked us to look after the wrapping of her soaps and she makes sure that we only use environmentally friendly wrapping which can either be composted, recycled or reused

Goats Milk and Rosemary Soap