Ilona’s Travel Top

Hemp On Toast clothes are about versatility. For me a good measuring stick for this is whether they are something I would pack to go travelling. I want to refrain from rambling on about my travels, but this top held up so well. It doubled up as a towel when I forgot mine, as a scarf and a skirt, dried quickly after being washed, didn’t end up smelling bad too quickly thanks to the antibacterial quality of the hemp, and depending how I tied it up, could appear more smart and casual at the same time...
I could continue waxing it’s praise but I’ll leave it at that...

Medium weight jersey
55% organic hemp/45% organic bamboo


The natural colours we work with are durable and remain strong for a good length of time if washed with care (machine wash 30 degrees Celcius). However part of their joy and uniqueness is also the way they will change and respond to their environment over time, including the type of water they are washed in. For best results always follow care instructions on the label or refer to the care section under FAQs.




Small - UK size 6/8/10


Medium - UK size 12/14


Large - UK size 16/18


Extra Large - UK size 20/22

Hemp On Toast clothing is designed to be versatile in styling but sizing generally allows for a looser casual fit. Ilona is usually a size 6 or 8 at the top and wears the blue in small. Barbara is usually a size 8 or 10 for tops and wears the onions skins and rust in a small.


Please do get in touch with any sizing queries should you have them.

Ilona's Travel Top